Lead & Care


Fine jewelry is fragile, and it should be treated as such. Please follow these care tips to extend the life of your jewelry:

- There is no need to remove your jewelry before doing daily rituals such as showering, applying lotion, perfume, exercising, dishwashing, and so on, as long as you do it with prudence. To minimize sharp scratches, we recommend removing specific elements when working out.
- To reduce tangling and/or scratching, place your jewelry flat on a soft surface before night.

- To clean your jewelry, gently scrub the metal and diamonds with a gentle toothbrush and dish soap. We do not recommend using an ultrasonic cleaning. Chemicals, abrasives, or solvents should not be used to clean semi-precious gemstones or pearls.


Some goods could be in stock and ready to ship right away. Other parts may be in the works, shortening delivery time if they are not readily available. Please allow 5-8 weeks for delivery if the item is not in stock.

Please contact our customer service team at  info@amafinejewelry.com  to confirm lead times on certain items.